System Administrator

Type: Independent Contractor/Part-Time
Compensation: Commission Based/Flat-Rate

Job Description

A keen individual who enjoys working within an infrastructure environment to manage sophisticated, scalable, and reliable environments.


Responsibilities include; the administration of UNIX environment systems, employing the latest techniques in cybersecurity to ensure security in a multi-client environment, safeguarding and monitoring the performance and status of systems, routing testing and system analysis, solution modification, installation, and maintenance, utilizing software and hardware tools to resolve security incidents, implementing changes regarding plans of repair or upgrades. Further responsibilities include; coordinating the delivery of services with other organizations, incident control and management, development annd upgrade of documentation, and any other tasks required by the management team.


Excellent organization and communication skills within teams, and outside of teams. Comprehensive knowledge of the UNIX environment and its best practices, fluency in english (spoken and written), proficiency in the management of databases (MYSQL, Mongo), knowledge of automation and scaling using perl, python, bash, and various other tools.