Software Developer

Type: Independent Contractor/Part-Time
Compensation: Commission Based/Flat-Rate

Job Description

A proficient computer programmer and software architect experienced in creating production grade software for client consumption.


Responsibilities include; application analysis, development and design across several client-server or web applications and platforms, integration with business units, developing and maintaining databases, developing backend applications in Java, Python, Php, Bash, and Perl, developing frontend applications in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, React, and Python, performing unit testing, detailing design and maintenance specifications, and working with other team members to ensure consistency and high standards of software. Further responsibilities include; participating in strategic testing and planning, deploying production grade software for clients, tracking defects, defect triage, and daily task assessment and reporting.


Experience working with Java, Python, PHP, Perl, and Bash, experience with database management and administration, experience with REST/API, working knowledge of the TCP/IP model and the HTTP server, experience with GIT